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Statistical Analyzers
21-02-2006 - Warcraft-Stats 1.5


Updated to only display one gateway/gametype at a time. Should be a little quicker displaying data too.


06-10-2004 - Warcraft-Stats 1.3


Looks like Blizzards advert updates on their web pages interfered with my stats parsing. All fixed now!


25-01-2004 - Console-Stats 1.1


I've recently started playing counter-strike again and was surprised to find console-stats didn't work for version 1.6, so I've fixed it for the new and rather strange console configuration. This simply proves that I am the only person in the world who likes to look at my own stats for this game :)


14-01-2004 - Added wcs files


Added the games for the top 100 solo players for Lordaeron, Azeroth, and Northrend from 15th November. This should save people having to update those games from the web. Those files have been added to the warcraft stats download file.


07-01-2004 - Warcraft-Stats 1.1


Warcraft-Stats has been updated. You can now set a range of dates to see the stats for. This is to make it easier to see the difference patches make.


13-12-2003 - Warcraft-Stats


I've added Warcraft-Stats, and analyzer for Warcraft III TFT to the site. Want to know what the top players are up to without having to trudge through pages of web information? Try using this!


29-07-2002 - Console-Stats


Well here it is! Console-stats is a counter-strike log parser that uses your condump half-life files to make up stats. Basically I got to the point where I was sure I was getting headshot with virtually every bullet by cheating scum everywhere and wanted to see what was going on. Since there was no way of logging stats for clients I figured to parse whatever was in the console instead.


NB. In case you're interested there was no cheating going on. It turns out that I just suck!